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Theaterhaus Ensemble (Deutschland)
Theaterhaus Ensemble (Germany)
from 2 to 99 years

A man and a woman. A record player. A large bag from which wonderful fabrics spill out. A clothesline. That's all that's needed for this play that inspires the very youngest to go to the theatre.

All kinds of exciting things happen: Two very different people try to get closer to each other, they test their limits, they venture further and further. They sing together (songs from Henry Purcell's baroque opera "The Fairy Queen"), they dance and they tease each other.

Play + singing: Susanne Schyns + Michael Meyer.
Direction + stage: Melanie Florschütz + Michael Döhnert.
In German - 35 min.
Sat 25.09.2021   Hamburg
Kleine Freilichtbühne/Große Wallanlagen
Ticket Price
7.00 €
Ticket Price
9.00 €
Admission: 10:30 –  Starts at: 11:00 –  How to get there