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La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi (Italien)
Matteo Chiura
from 1 to 99 y.

What is a family? Who is a family? Is a family when you have children? Does a family include a mother and a father? Are grandparents part of the family? Does a family have to live in the same place? Can members of a family be part of other families?

Humorous, almost dance-like, Andrea and Lorenzo move through different family arrangements and give the children the opportunity to ask questions ... without giving easy answers.

Idea: Andrea Buzzetti. Play: Andrea Buzzetti + Lorenzo Monti.
Direction: Andrea Buzzetti - in collaboration with Carlotta Zini + Enrico Montalbani. Choreography: Andra Burcâ.

Without words - 35 min.
Sat 16.10.2021   Hamburg
AFROTOPIA culture + innovation
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